Monday, April 14, 2014


Model: Chloe Munton

Makeup: Jessie Crichton

Hair: Donne Richter

Photography: Amy Scheepers

It's been long, far too long since my last photography post

I am currently exhibiting some of my work at the Design Indaba in Cape Town, well, at least until 6pm tomorrow afternoon, 

if your in the area and haven't yet - please do come say hi! I'l probably look half dead but I promise I'l be happy to see you. 

This weekend has turned me into a coffee addict, well at least iced coffee, with no sugar. About 7 a day. As opposed to never having finished a cup in my life -thanks Woolies!

I've met some really nice people, people who's talent, ambition, designs, and blogs I admire. And I'v also been exposed to some wonderful opportunities 

The other emerging creatives are pretty much amazing, there is some rad shit this year. It's all been incredibly inspiring and I'm going home with new energy and ideas for shoots! 

All in all, just such a good experience. The tiredness doesn't matter, I'm stoked. 

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